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Signal Generators And Network Analyzers Extend Into Microwave Range

The E8267C vector signal generator is the industry's first microwave signal generator to deliver vector modulation up to 20 GHz in a single, integrated instrument. A companion instrument, the E8361A vector network analyzer, extends the coverage of the Performance Network Analyzer (PNA) series to 67 GHz.

Complete with an I/Q modulation ability, the E8267C integrates an internal baseband generator that enables the simulation of wideband complex waveforms for a variety of microwave applications. The instrument covers from 250 kHz to 20 GHz. The internal, dual-mode baseband generator combines the abilities of an 80-MHz arbitrary waveform generator with the coding power of a real-time baseband generator. Its deep playback memory and waveform sequencing facilitate the generation of complex radar test patterns.

The E8267C also includes marker trigger signals, 6 Gbytes of nonvolatile storage, and PSG/ESG Download Assistant software for creating and downloading waveforms using MatLab. Optionally, Pulse Builder Signal Studio Software can be added. The signal generator targets aerospace, defense, and manufacturing applications. Other new models in the Performance Signal Generator (PSG) series include the E8257C analog signal generator and the E8247C CW signal generator. Both feature analog ramp sweep capability for use with the 8757D scalar network analyzer.

The company's other new offering, the E8361A vector network analyzer, covers from 10 MHz to 67 GHz. Its optional frequency-offset measurement ability eliminates the drawbacks associated with previous mixer characterization methods. This function enables the characterization of conversion loss or gain, conversion phase, and absolute group delay characteristics of mixers and other frequency-conversion devices.

The analyzer delivers a wide dynamic range of greater than 90 dB at 65 GHz and fast measurement speed of less than 26 µs/point. The E8361A eases the design of passive components and subsystems for millimeter-wave applications, including satellite communications, point-to-point microwave radio, broadband wireless access, and 40-Gbit/s optical communications.

Available now, the basic E8267C vector signal generator costs $66,700. Pricing for the E8247C CW signal generator ranges from $21,400 to $31,900. Pricing for the E8257C analog signal generator ranges from $30,000 to $43,300. The E8361A vector network analyzer costs about $139,000. The frequency-offset measurement option for the E8361A costs about $19,500.

Agilent Technologies Inc., www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7757.

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