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Signal Generators Target Audio Apps

Designed for audio product testing, the VP-8192A, -8193A and -8194A AM/FM signal generators feature a bandwidth from 100 kHz to 140 MHz and a 0.1 dB electronic attenuator with up to 126 dBµV output. The VP-8192 is a standard signal generator with AM/FM functions and provides an output range from -20 dBµVemf to 126 dBµVemf with a 100 Hz resolution. The VP-8193 includes an internal FM-stereo modulation function with a separation ratio of over 55 dB. Combining all the features of the others, the VP-8194 adds an RDS/RBDS/ARI signal source, RDS 16-pattern memory and a Windows-based RDS editor. Options include a programmable DDS audio signal generator and a weather band capability with a 162 MHz to 163 MHz coverage. PANASONIC FACTORY AUTOMATION, Franklin Park, IL. (317) 580-3250.


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