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Software Automates Serial Data Analysis

Compliance with industry standards is critical in many systems. LeCroy's SDA-SATA automated test suite makes such compliance easier to determine for transmitters under both Serial ATA (SATA) 1.0a and SATA II. Working with the SDA 6000 family of serial data analyzers, the suite provides an extensive set of validation, verification, and debug tools written in accordance with the SATA Gen1 and SATA Gen2 electrical specifications.

Amplitude and jitter measurements are included, as are standard eye-pattern tests. The package covers extended system-to-system applications (1x/2x) and all of the SATA test modes, including internal (1i/2i), short backplane, and external desktop applications (1m/2m). It features an Advanced Serial Data Analysis Library to control phase-locked loop design and jitter measurement conditions, including detailed data-dependent jitter breakdown and bit-error-rate analysis.

The package comes with a high-performance test fixture and surface-mounted assembly cables. An HTML report-generation engine documents test results and instrument, signal acquisition, and test conditions.

The SDA-SATA test suite costs $9995. Delivery is in four to six weeks. SDA serial data analyzers start at $67,990.

LeCroy Corp.

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