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Software Boosts Vector Signal Generators

Extending functionality of the ESG and PSG vector signal generators, the N7622A Signal Studio toolkit provides error-correction capabilities at modulation bandwidths up to 800 MHz. The software promises to remove distortion errors before they are output from the signal generator to the device under test. Standard components of the toolkit include Windows-based software that translates waveforms created with MATLAB or other waveform-design environments to a format compatible with the ARB in the vector signal generators. The ARB has a maximum RF bandwidth of 80 MHz. The kit also provides the ability to download signals to an external ARB to achieve bandwidths up to 800 MHz. The error-correction capability is available as an option. Base functions of the N7622A are available as a free download from the company's web site. The error-correction option for use with the internal baseband generator (option 196) is priced at $4,000, and the error-correction capability with an external wideband ARB (option 197) is $9,000. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 829-4444, item number 7915.


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