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Software-Customizable Scopes Take Analysis To Another Level

The My Infiniium software enables engineers to customize Agilent Infiniium series 54830 and 54850 oscilloscopes, as well as perform advanced on-site laboratory analysis of analog and mixed-signal designs. Users can extract relationship data from these designs, enhancing debugging capabilities and accelerating the product-development process. With the new software, engineers can work with Excel, MathWorks, and Matlab inside their Infiniium scopes at the touch of a button.

Two interface options are available: a new extensible graphical user interface (eGUI) and a "quick execute" feature. With eGUI, engineers can add menu items to the Infiniium oscilloscope's menu structure and link them to perform custom analysis. The quick execute feature lets engineers customize the QuickMeas+ key on the Infiniium oscilloscope's front panel for one-button access to custom measurements.

The software works on all Windows XP-compatible environments. An industry-accepted IVI-COM driver is also available for VEE Pro, LabView, Visual Studio, and other development environments. The driver can be downloaded free of charge at www.agilent.com/find/adn.

The software is compatible with Infiniium oscilloscopes that possess an A.03.10 or higher version of the Windows XP Pro-based operating system. (All new 54830 oscilloscopes are shipped with these versions.) Free software upgrades are available at www.agilent.com/find/infiniium_software. Existing 54830 units with an A.02.30 or earlier version of Windows 98 or higher can be upgraded with the Agilent N5383A kit.

The E2699A My Infiniium software costs $795, and the N5383A upgrade costs $495. It's free of charge until Dec. 31 with the purchase of the software.

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(800) 452-4844

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