Electronic Design

Spectrometer Simplifies Operation, Boosts Stability

The SPECTROBLUE inductively-coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) sports a reliable, robust generator design with ample power reserve that can handle the most extreme plasma loads. The heat from the generator’s high-power ceramic tube is eliminated through the use of unique air-cooled technology that alleviates the need for an expensive external water-based cooling system. The unit’s optic system and full-transparency UV-PLUS approach eliminate consumable purge gases and ensure long-term stability. Additionally, SPECTRO’s Paschen-Runge optic technology permits a direct, high-luminance path for maximized light throughput, allowing the system to more easily process line-rich spectra, improve measurement accuracy, and reduce expensive rework. The SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES system comes with SPECTRO’s proprietary SMART ANALYZER VISION software. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments Inc., Mahwah, NJ. (800) 548-5809.

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