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Spectrum Analyzer Measures Millimeter Waves

A 42.98 GHz spectrum analyzer, the E4447A measures millimeter-wave signals in test and measurement applications such as digital communications, pulsed signals and 3G wireless systems. The instrument has a resolution bandwidth of 8 MHz. Amplitude accuracy is ±0.62 dB (±0.17 dB typical) at 1 GHz. Low-level spur searches can be made up to 42.98 GHz. A 2-dB step attenuator also operates at up to 42.98 GHz. A Power Suite tool allows one-button RF and microwave power measurements including multicarrier ACP, CCDF and TOI. Twelve format-based setups are provided to automatically set up the parameters for general-purpose wireless standards. The instrument can make conducted and radiated CISPR and MIL-STD EMI measurements. Fifteen optional measurement personalities in the form of firmware programs enable advanced measurement capabilities with one-button simplicity. Some of the measurement possibilities with this firmware are amplifier noise figure, oscillator phase noise, and digital modulation analysis on 2G to 3.5G wireless signals. Price is $73,941. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, Santa Clara, CA. (800) 829-4444.


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