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Spectrum Analyzer Raise Performance Bars

Groundbreaking performance, functionality, and ease of use are features the Signature (MS2781A) spectrum analyzer promises to RF and microwave designers. Employing an advanced architecture, the instrument provides spectrum and digital-modulation analysis over a frequency range from 100 Hz to 8 GHz. The architecture also provides an optional 30 MHz resolution bandwidth and, said to be a first, an open Windows XP environment. Employing a 9.5 GHz to 17.5 GHz synthesized first local oscillator (LO) and 9.5 GHz IF allows the instrument to measure the entire 100 Hz to 8 GHz frequency range in one sweep without band switching or pre-selection. Performance specs include a TOI of +23 dBm, DANL of less than -147 dBm, and a typical amplitude accuracy of less than 0.65 dB over the entire frequency range. For digital modulation analysis, measurements include error vector magnitude (EVM), carrier leakage, and I/Q imbalance without the need for a separate computer and post processing. Other features include a DVD-ROM and CD R/W drive, two USB interfaces on the front panel, and one USB port plus GPIB and Ethernet interfaces on the rear panel. Additionally, a MATLAB connectivity option allows live update viewing of MATLAB results with measurements. Price for the MS2781 is $49,500; the MATLAB option is $1,000. ANRITSU COMPANY, Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 778-2000.


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