Step Attenuators Extend Range Up To 67GHz

Step Attenuators Extend Range Up To 67GHz

A new family of switchable step attenuators is the first to reach a frequency range of 67GHz, says developer Rohde & Schwarz. The RSC family comprises four models of the RSC base unit and two external step attenuators. The base unit comes with or without three versions of internal step attenuators that manage signals up to 18GHz. The standard internal step attenuator has a 139dB attenuation range with a 1dB step size up to 6GHz. A precision internal step attenuator targets aerospace and defence applications that cover the frequency range from dc to 6GHz; it features a maximum attenuation of 139.9dB and a step size of 0.1dB. The third version handles a frequency range of up to 18GHz, with a maximum attenuation of 115dB and step size of 5dB.  The two external step attenuators cover frequencies up to 67GHz. Every base unit can control up to four external step attenuators in parallel.   


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