Electronic Design

Strain-Gage Signal Conditioner Optimized For Bridge Sensors

The V385 eight-channel VME strain-gage signal conditioner adds individual remote-sensed excitation supplies to each channel, increasing its precision over the previous model V385 single-excitation supply. Its new firmware makes it more applicable to bridge-type sensor data acquisition.

Designed by Highland Technology for weighing applications, it supports more generic strain-gage and load-cell applications with greater precision at faster acquisition rates. Each input channel features a 5- or 10-V switchable excitation source and a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter.

Input impedance is 60 MΩ, with a maximum input of 50 mV and a common-mode rejection ratio of more than 100 dB. The standard version of the V385 delivers raw sensor data, while an instrumentation version is available with advanced filtering and normalization functions.

The V385 costs $2800.

Highland Technology Inc.
(415) 753-5814

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