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Support Arrives For IEEE 1149.6 Testing

JTAG ProVision embarks as the industry’s most complete support for testing based on the IEEE 1149.6 standard for advanced digital networks, which is a significant extension to the original 1149.1 boundary-scan spec. This extension is said to overcome test limitations associated with digital interfaces such as LVDS and ac-coupled networks. Before 1149.6, network tests could produce erroneous pass/fail indications. The JTAG ProVision platform automatically performs comprehensive testing of advanced digital interfaces based upon the circuit's netlist, the 1149.6 BSDL and model files for the components in the design. Consequently, the platform produces a diagnostic fault report that pinpoints the cause of failure including isolation of individual faults should multiple faults occur. For more details call JTAG TECHNOLOGIES INC., Stevensville MD. (877) 367-5824.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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