Electronic Design

Syringe Performs Consistent Dispensing

The Micro-Dot manual syringe dispenser combines a precise, infinitely variable, and repetitive, hand-held dispenser with a readily available, inexpensive syringe fluid reservoir. The Micro-Dot performs as a complete dispensing system for machine-ready 3-, 5-, and 10-mL syringes. Two models are available, a lever-actuated and thumb-actuated version. The lever-actuated Micro-Dot lets users grip the dispenser handle or syringe, i.e., whichever is most comfortable. With the thumb-actuated model, users must hold the dispenser by the handle, limiting options for gripping the dispenser. As the Micro-Dot is a manual device, it is wireless and cordless, enabling users to move about freely. DYMAX CORP., Torrington, CT. (877) 396-2988.

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