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System Characterizes Power Semis

Promising to solve the on-wafer probing challenges of engineers who need to characterize power devices, the Tesla system is the first to provide complete over-temperature and low-contact-resistance measurements of power semiconductors with ratings up to 60A and 3 kV. The system features two wafer probes. One is a high-current probe that reduces the potential for probe and device destruction during testing. The probe supports 10A of current in continuous mode and up to 60A of current in pulsed mode. To reduce device heating, the probe tip minimizes contact resistance at the wafer-to-probe interface. The other is a high-voltage probe to make coaxial measurements up to 3 kV and triaxial measurements up to 1.1 kV. In addition, both probes feature a replaceable tip that can be easily changed. Price for the Tesla system starts at $200,000. CASCADE MICROTECH INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 550-3279.


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