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System Debugs ColdFire Embedded Designs

Available for all ColdFire 52xx and 53xx designs, the Flex-BDM/ColdFire system integrates intelligent background debug mode (BDM) hardware with firm's Flex real-time debugging software to provide performance levels normally associated with more costly in-circuit emulators. An optional 1-MB trace buffer lets users trace C source code and assembler instructions from the target CPU and has a time stamp for accurate measurement of execution times. The trace buffer also provides the only way for designers to monitor the ColdFire processor's internal bus activity. Offering 90-MHz operation, the debugger module combines custom logic and a control processor to offer a number of advanced features, including dynamic memory access, multi-level hardware breakpoints, and single-step and execution breaks. All features are accessed via the standard 26-pin ColdFire BDM connector. Debugger automatically senses target voltages between 2.7V and 5.5V.


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