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TDC Targets Precise-Timing Applications

The TC890 time-to-digital converter (TDC) features six independent stopwatches for precise timing measurements from a common start event to multiple stop events at a high resolution. It records multiple events or hits on each of six inputs with a timing resolution of 50 ps and a mean dead time between sequential pulses on the same input of less than 15 ns. Running at full speed, the instrument delivers a 25 million events-per-second throughput. Six of seven input channels are independent stop inputs, and the seventh is the common start. The module operates in a multi-start, multi-stop acquisition mode with the timing information of stop events on all independent channels encoded relative to the most recent start event on the common channel. In standard mode, recording range is up to 10 ms. If one channel is dedicated to a fiducial signal, the 10-ms recording time can be extended. An internal buffer allows recording up to four million stop-events per module. Other features include a jitter of less than 3 psRMS and a stability of ±2 ppm. Pricing for the TC890, order number U1051A, starts at $13,700. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Santa Clara, CA. (877) 424-4536.


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