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Technology Forecast 2012: Test & Measurement

Technology Forecast 2012: Test & Measurement

Technology editor David Maliniak speculates wireless test and at how it is evolving to encompass new standards and protocols and also at how test time is being reduced in production environments.


Cost Of Wireless Test Must Fall To Protect Margins

The wireless test arena has an urgency to reduce the cost of test, a trend driven by the state of the economy and the ferociously competitive consumer electronics market...

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Evolving Strategies Can Help T&M Thrive In A Changing Economy

The increasing complexity of electronics across all end-user industries is the overriding factor and is both a boon and a challenge for the test and measurement industry...

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Smart, Green Power Drives Changes In T&M Power Supplies

The drive for efficiency in the end product also drives changes in the T&M equipment needed to provide power and make measurements during test...

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MEMS-Based Systems SolutionS Emerge For Analytical Instruments

MEMS devices are ideal for handheld and portable/field-usable instruments since they are small and robust, requiring little power for a low cost while offering surprisingly high performance...

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