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Tegam’s ARB Family Adds New Member

Enlarging the 2700A hybrid series of function/arbitrary waveform generators (ARBs), the Model 2732 lays claim to having the largest waveforms, widest bandwidth, and fastest rise time in its class. The unit provides two independent channels that are capable of sourcing waves up to 50 MHz and can store four million points of 14-bit waveform data per channel. It can simulate high-resolution, non-periodic waves, such as sonar, radar, seismic, or electrical arcs, and reproduce quadrature sensor signals from positional indicators and encoders. Other features include the ability to set internal relative phase between channels from 0° to 360°, an internal or external reference clock, and the ability to be synchronized with other instruments. The ARB also includes WaveWorks DDS waveform creation software with graphical tools for creating and customizing virtually any waveform type. Price is $3,840. TEGAM INC., Geneva, OH. (440) 466-6100.

Company: TEGAM INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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