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TEM Cells Calibrate Field-Strength Meters

Expanding the company's portfolio of TEM cells are a range of models groomed for testing and/or calibration of field strength meters, monitors, and probes. Suitable for use in ATE systems, the cells feature an equipment support tray positioned at the correct height for measurement, a side access screen door to enable equipment installation, and top and side ports to for cables. They are available with overall lengths from 600 mm to 2,400 mm and with maximum frequencies from 100 MHz to 500 MHz. Additionally, dimensions of the main section and tapered ends are such that they provide a 50-Ohm characteristic impedance along the whole length of the cell, thereby creating a uniform electromagnetic field of known pattern and intensity. Additionally, the cells come with female N-type connectors as standard. For further information, call LINK MICROTEK LTD., Hampshire, UK. 44 (0)1256 355771.


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