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Test Engineering Platform Enhances Data Management

The latest update of Proligent, Averna's Test Engineering Platform, simplifies how test engineers develop and deploy test systems to keep product launch cycles on schedule. New features in version 4.0 include advanced remoting capabilities, including data buffering and unique identifier management. Also, Proligent 4.0 provides a direct application programmer interface for National Instruments’ TestStand 4.0, permitting seamless access to infrastructure, asset, and context-specific information that test sequences and hardware require.

The new data-buffering capability safeguards against network failures and latencies. The central server limits data transfer, releasing information only after remote station nodes acknowledge that information has been fully received, ensuring complete data integrity. This feature guarantees the reliability of product and test data, and improves upon traditional methods that typically involve e-mail, remote desktop, ftp, and engineer travel.

The new and unique identifier management function enables engineers to generate a distinct product ID, such as a MAC address or serial number, for each unit or subcomponent under test. Managing the identifier centrally allows it to be produced sequentially across multiple test sites, with no duplication. This ensures that products can be tracked independently, even when test systems are deployed to multiple contract-manufacturer or EMS provider sites. Identifier management is particularly valuable in cases of multivendor networks, such as when MAC addresses are being issued.


Proligent is available immediately. Contact the company for price information.


Visit www.proligent.com.

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