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Test Live Or Recorded Compressed Video Faster

Video compression standards are becoming more complex, even as time-to-market pressures increase. An answer to this dilemma is the MTS400 series Compressed Video Test System, which lets users automatically monitor, analyze, and debug both live and deferred-time video transport streams. The result is faster detection and correction of even intermittent system faults.

With the instrument's program-centric graphical user interface, users can quickly isolate and investigate protocol faults in compressed-video equipment. Test and analysis packages include MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and VC-1. Users also can debug mobile video standards like 3GPP and DVB-H. It supports a wide range of physical interfaces, including ASI at up to 214 Mbits/s and Ethernet for recording and analyzing video-over-IP applications.

A proprietary CaptureVu mode automatically turns on when defined trigger conditions are met, allowing in-depth investigation of the events leading up to the trigger. This eliminates the need to launch separate applications to record and analyze a bad transport stream. When the analysis is complete, users can return to monitoring the live stream in real time.

The series consists of the MTS400 and MTS430. Both feature live analysis of video transport streams with CaptureVu and ASI, SMPTE-310M, and low-voltage differential-signaling physical interfaces. Priced at $56,000, the MTS430 includes CaptureVu deferred-time analysis with MPEG over IP Support, PES and buffer analyzer, and multiplexer. These features are options on the MTS400, which starts at under $30,000.

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