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Test-Management Software Incorporates Real-Time SPC Functions

TestVision Suite comes complete with applications for real-time statistical process control (SPC), enabling companies to analyze, simulate, optimize, and monitor their worldwide test operations. This integrated software suite offers analytical tools for semiconductor test management. Main features include TestVision Studio and TestVision Manager. Designed for semiconductor product and test engineers, TestVision Studio provides analytical, graphical, and data-management capabilities. It includes the ability to instantaneously generate a complete R&R analysis. Engineers can quickly characterize and correlate data, perform root cause analysis, debug and improve test programs, and run simulations in a low-risk manner. A monitoring and sampling program, TestVision Manager compares actual results against previously established test profiles in real time, without delaying test program execution. A configurable series of test reports are automatically generated and distributed upon completion of a test sequence. Pricing for TestVision Studio starts at $14,500 for a single desktop subscription license. Licensed per tester, TestVision Manager starts at $50,000, with discounting available.

Pintail Technologies www.pintail.com; (972) 208-2800

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