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Test & Measurement: 10-Bit Digitizer Runs To 4 Gsamples/s On 3U PXI/CompactPCI Cards

The dual-channel DC152 and single-channel DC122 digitizers feature 10-bit, 4-Gsample/s capability with bandwidths of up to 3 GHz. The one-slot 3U cards fully comply with both the PXI and CompactPCI standards. The AcqirisLive and AcqirisMAQS software and Windows, Linux, and VxWorks drivers support the instruments, so users can easily integrate them into test systems. Running both channels, the DC152 offers a 2-GHz bandwidth and synchronous sampling of 2 Gsamples/s on each channel, with up to 256 Mpoints of optional acquisition memory. In one-channel applications, this doubles to 4 Gsamples/s and up to 512 Mpoints. The DC122 delivers a 4-Gsample/s maximum rate with 512 kpoints of standard memory (512 Mpoints optional). Prices for the digitizers start at $16,480, and delivery is eight weeks after receipt of an order.

Acqiris USA

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