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Test & Measurement: 350-MHz x10 Scope Probe Comes With A Readout Actuation Pin

The model CT3133RA, a 350-MHz fixed 10× attenuation oscilloscope probe, has a readout actuation pin. When the probe's baby-n-connector actuating pin makes contact with an oscilloscope's actuation pad (if so equipped), the instrument automatically adjusts the probe's ×10 setting and the scale readout. It features a 1-ns rise time, meets IEC 61010-031 600V .CATI specifications, and is 1.2 m long. It has a wide temperature-compensation range of 10 to 35 pF and a novel "snap locking" sprung hook adapter. Fully compatible with Tektronix, Agilent, and B+K oscilloscopes, the CT3133RA probe costs $54 each and is available now with an accessory kit.

Cal Test Electronics
(714) 221-9330

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