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Test & Measurement: Automate Phase-Noise Measurement Of RF And Microwave Sources

Basic phase-noise measurements on RF and microwave sources, specifically crystal oscillators and synthesizers, at an affordable price is the aim of the PN8000 automated phase-noise test system. The instrument demodulates the phase fluctuations of the source under test using a quadrature-locked low-noise reference signal scheme. A balanced mixer acts as a phase comparator and produces a signal that comprises the time representation of the phase fluctuations of the source. The phase-locked loop includes proportional and integral gain that allows measurement of a frequency-drifting source. All the needed parameters are programmable, and the system automatically verifies that they are consistent. The unit's detector range is 2 MHz to 1.8 GHz (18 GHz optional), and offset analysis is from 1 Hz to 1 MHz (20 MHz optional). Measurement tuning accuracy is ±2 dB up to 20 MHz. The PN8000 costs $27,500. The dual RF and 18-GHz detector option is $5750, and the 20-MHz offset option is $2750. Delivery is eight weeks after receipt of an order.

Aeroflex Inc.

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