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Test & Measurement: CAN-Bus Analysis Option Available For Long-Memory DSOs

A CAN-bus analysis option is available for the company's long-memory (32 Mbytes/channel) DL1640/40L digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs). The option provides triggering and analysis for the CAN bus and supports high-speed and low-speed CAN (ISO 11898 and 11519-2) with data rates from 33.3 kbits/s to 1 Mbits/s. Features include triggering on start-of-frame (SOF), up to four user-defined identifier (ID) fields, RTR fields, and user-defined data fields (1 to 8 bytes). The option allows users to quickly perform the Data Search function and jump to user-defined ID field or data field values. The option costs $1900.

Yokagawa Corp. of America
(800) 258-2552

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