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Test & Measurement: Connector Calibration Kit Validates ZMA Interface Performance

The 8700-CALKIT zone-multicast-access (ZMA) connector calibration kit includes a full line of terminations, shorts, and adapters that let users validate the performance of the ZMA interface. The kit uses ZMA components with a maximum voltage standing-wave ratio of 1.10 over the entire 12.4-GHz ZMA range. The ZMA interface is a high coupling-force bayonet connector for microwave applications. The connector is a quarter-turn coaxial connector with overlapping Teflon dielectrics that can be mated by hand. It replaces surface-mounted assembly connectors in many applications. The kit comes in a wooden case with protective foam inserts, and it can be configured for specific user requirements. The 8700-CALKIT prices start at $4995, depending on configuration.

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SV Microwave Inc.

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