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Test & Measurement: DAQ Module Delivers Simultaneous 16-Bit Sampling On Six Channels

The DT9816 USB 2.0-based data-acquisition (DAQ) module features six independent analog-to-digital converters with track-and-hold circuitry, all using a common clock and trigger. The result is six-channel simultaneous sampling at 16-bit resolution, suiting the module well for test systems, analysis, and transient recording applications in acoustics, ultrasonics, ballistics, and radar, as well as industrial measurement systems. The module has two bipolar input ranges: ±10 V and ±5 V. It includes 16 digital functions (eight input and eight output) for controlling external equipment and a multifunction counter/timer. The module comes with software that turns the controlling PC into instruments like an oscilloscope, chart recorder, or voltmeter. Also included is software for more advanced applications. Two versions are available. The 50-kHz per channel model costs $349, and the 150-kHz per channel model is $499. Shipping is in six weeks.

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