Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: DC Bench Supply Offers 0-30 V/0-3 A With High Regulation, Low Noise

The first in a series of single-output, digital dc power supplies, the Model 9120, delivers a 0- to 30-V, 0- to 3-A output that is fully programmable through its standard RS-232 interface using SCPI commands. Load regulation using remote sensing is 0.01% +3 mV and 0.01% +250 mA. Display resolution is 10 mV and 1 mA. A nonvolatile memory stores up to 100 settings for future use. The bench supply has both front and rear output terminals, using sheathed banana jacks for safety. Ripple and noise is only 0.5 mV rms and 5 mV p-p in normal voltage mode and 4 mA rms in normal current mode and 1.5 A rms for common-mode current. The Model 9120 costs $689 and is available for immediate delivery.

B&K Precision Corp.
(714) 921-9095

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