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Test & Measurement: Frequency Converter Helps Make Wi-Fi Measurements

When used with the company's Spectrum Masterä MS2711D spectrum analyzer, the FCN4760 frequency converter allows accurate interference analysis measurements on IEEE 802.11a Wi-Fi networks from 4.7 to 6 GHz. The combination delivers a measurement range of −40 to −100 dB, performs full-sweeps in 1.1 s, and features settable minimum sweep times from 0 to 50 µs to 200 s. The frequency converter can accept input signals up to −5 dBm without damage. The FCN 4760 costs $2550, and the MS2711D spectrum analyzer with Option 6 (required for the FCN 4760) starts at $6700. Delivery is within four to eight weeks.

Anritsu Company
(408) 778-2000, ext. 4550

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