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Test & Measurement: Fused-Probe Kit Protects Any Digital Multimeter

The CT3116 fused-probe digital multimeter (DMM) kit, designed to expand the safety of any DMM, is a must for anyone who uses a DMM to test or troubleshoot electronic or industrial equipment. It comes complete with two fused probe bodies with 4-mm contact tips and spring covers; two 4-mm highly flexible sheathed straight-to-right-angle silicon jacketed leads that are 1.5 meters long; and two fully insulated alligator clips with IP2X extensions. The kit also contains a clear PVC pouch and is warrantied for one year. The CT3116 complies with safety specification IEC 61010-031 600V CAT III P2, Two internal ceramic fuses are rated for 10 A. The kit costs as low as $39.

Cal Test Electronics
ww.caltestelectronics.com; (714) 221-9330

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