Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: High-Temperature PC/104 DAQ Card Operates Without Interrupts

Designed for operating at temperature extremes of −40°C to 85°C, the Stratus-X-ND 16-bit PC/104 data-acquisition (DAQ) card features a 1-Msample buffer to eliminate interrupt latency issues and enables 200,000-sample/s data transient recording for Linux and Windows applications. The card handles 8- and 16-bit data transfers and features a 16-channel analog input and dual 16-bit analog outputs. It has low-drift and low-noise analog inputs with a wide range of programmable voltages. A hardware moving-average filter provides additional noise reduction without software overhead. The Stratus-X-ND card costs $495 each for single-unit quantities.

Apex Embedded Systems
(608) 256-0767, ext. 24

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