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Test & Measurement: Infiniium-Scope Storage Options Extend Capacity Up To 128 Mpoints

New memory options for the 54830 series of 600-MHz and 1-GHz Infiniium digital-storage and mixed-signal oscilloscopes come with up to 128 Mpoints. The options incorporate the company's patented MegaZoom deep-memory technology. With a segmented memory acquisition mode, engineers can analyze radar signals bursting in nature to capture and store only the periods of signal activity. Three versions of the maximum-memory options are available for two- and four-channel oscilloscopes: 32 Mpoints at $5000 and $10,000, 64 Mpoints at $7500 and $15,000, and 128 Mpoints at $11,250 and $22,500, respectively.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
www.agilent.com (800) 829-4444, item 7932

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