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Test & Measurement: Kelvin Four-Wire Lead Set Handles Low-Resistance Measurements

The ability to perform low-resistance measurements is the key behind the model 6730 test accessory four-wire Kelvin lead set. The test leads employ a wide-opening 0.800-in. (20.3-mm) alligator-clip design plus retractable-sheath banana plugs that allow for greater versatility in connecting to various test equipment. Color-coded for easy identification, the lead set is rated at 1000 VRMS Category III with a 20-A maximum current. It's manufactured from nickel-plated beryllium copper wire wrapped in silicone. The lead set is rated for operating from 14°F to 131°F (−10°C to 55°C) and can withstand up to 500 insertions. The model 6730 lead set is priced at $99.

Pomona Electronics
(800) 490-2361

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