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Test & Measurement: Network-Tester Option Adds Support For Upcoming ITU-T Jitter Standard

A high-precision jitter-analysis option for the MP1590A network performance tester delivers ±20-mUI p-p accuracy in jitter measurement. Dubbed the MP1590A-30, it supports the phase-analysis method recommended in the revised International Telecommunications Union (ITU) T Draft 0.172 (2003.11) standard. It also has no-measurement repeatability of ±5 mUI p-p as well as a very low intrinsic jitter of 50 mUI p-p. This allows for accurate jitter analysis on SDH/Sonet, OTU-1, and OTU-2 transmission equipment. The option costs $20,000, and the mainframe is $57,285. Lead time is four to six weeks.

Anritsu Co.
www.us.anritsu.com; (800) 267-4878

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