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Test & Measurement: One-Box Solution Does Differential Electrical Jitter Testing To 10 Gbits

The MP1590B is a single-instrument solution for differential electrical jitter testing of 10G XFP modules and the electrical interfaces connecting host cards to the modules. The network performance tester's 10-Gbit differential I/O feature provides more accurate results of all jitter-causing conditions, including polarity and amplitude conditions, than solutions that perform single-ended electrical analysis. The instrument supports various interfaces, including Sonet/OTN up to 10.7G, Ethernet to 10G, Ethernet over Sonet, PPP, and Cisco HDLC. It also supports high-order and low-order virtual concatenation. It makes unique simultaneous measurements on various protocol layers of different interfaces. And, it supports ITU-T O.172/O.173 jitter analysis up to 10.7G with an accuracy of ±20 mUI. Windows XP-based, the unit also suits evaluation of non-FXP interfaces on legacy equipment and analyzing multiservice transport equipment. The MP1590B, configured as a Sonet/SDH analyzer, costs $67,669. With the 10G differential I/O interface and a 2.5G/10G optical interface, the price is $162,614. Delivery is in six to eight weeks.

Anritsu Corp.

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