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Test & Measurement: Option Adds Time-Stamp Capability To VXI-Based Digital Delay Generators

The IRIG-B real-time clock option for the DDG200 and DDG400 digital delay generators enable the VXI-based instruments to time-stamp data using the IRIG-B time code. IRIG-B is the most common form of time-coding the day of the year, hour, minute. and second on a 1-kHz carrier frequency, updating it once a second. This clock is needed when correlating the output of the digital delay generator with other instruments in a test system. The DDG products supply both dynamically variable delay and dynamically variable pulse-width parameters for triggering an RF source to accurately simulate multiple radar targets with moving ranges. The devices can sequence through a table of timing parameters, either automatically or when triggered, and provide dynamic timing control for multiple RF pulses. Prices start at $4500.

Interface Technology.
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