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Test & Measurement: OTDR Fiber Monitor Modules Slim Down In Size

Despite measuring just 200 by 130 by 25 mm (less than 40 in.3), the MW9077A/A1 1310/1550-nm optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) modules bring high performance to the table. They achieve dynamic ranges of 41 dB at 25°C and 39 dB at 55°C, performing from ­5°C to 55°C. Dead zones are 2 m for typical Fresnel reflection and 20 m for back-scattered light, plus a typical sampling resolution of 5 cm. The modules can average multiple measurements to obtain a loss profile with little noise, as well as sweep at approximately one-second intervals, allowing them to identify problems quickly in an optical network. Both modules start at $9500, with delivery in eight weeks.

Anritsu Co.
(949) 460-4516

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