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Test & Measurement: PC-Based "Mini-Instruments" Need No User Programming

A family of modules serves as eight "mini-instruments" controlled by included software that requires no user programming. The ECON series of palm-size shielded boxes accepts sensors connected to the module's screw terminals and connects to a PC via its USB port. The boxes are powered by the USB low-power mode. The GO! software that comes with the modules is a "ready-to-measure" application that supplies an instrument panel interface. The package includes oscilloscope, chart recorder, voltage, waveform generator, file viewer, digital I/O, counter/timer, and rate generator functions. Modules include the 10-bit DT9810 with eight single-ended inputs (0-2.44 V) and 25-kHz speed, the 12-bit DT9812-2.5V with eight single-ended inputs (0-2.5 V), eight each digital inputs and outputs, and 50-kHz speed. The 12-bit DT9812-10V features the same capabilitites as the -2.5V, but with a ±10-V input, and the DT9817, which has 28 digital I/O lines. All of the modules have one counter/timer line. The DT9810 costs $149, the DT9812-2.5V $229, the DT9812-10V $299, and the DT9817 $149.

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