Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: Portable Anemometer Measures Temperature, Air Velocity

The ATVS-NxT hot-wire anemometer, a fully portable embedded-pc-based scanner, measures temperature and air velocity for thermally characterizing electronic packages. It features an 8-Gbyte hard drive, a CD/RW drive, and Ethernet connections, as well as its own StageVIEW-NxT data-acquisition software. Support is included for up to 32 sensors, which are calibrated for low-velocity (natural convection) and high-velocity flow rates. Also possible with the anemometer are single- and multipoint measurements. Its temperature-measurement range is ­30°C to 1508C, and its velocity measurement range is 0 to 51 m/s. The 15-lb instrument starts at $7848.

Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.
(781) 769-2800, ext. 19

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