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Test & Measurement: PXI-Based DMM Module Combines Speed And Versatility

The PXI-4071 FlexDMM is a highly versatile multifunction PXI-based device that features a 7.5-digit (26-bit) digital multimeter (DMM) and a 1.8-Msample/s isolated digitizer. The instrument measures voltage from ±10 nV to ±1000 V and resistance from 10 µΩ to 5 GΩ. A solid-state current shunt allows eight dc current range from 1 µA to 3 A and six ac ranges from 100 µA to 3 A. Users can make 7.5-digit dc readings at 7 samples/s. If faster readings are needed, the maximum rate is 10 ksamples/s at 4.5 digits. In its isolated digitizer mode, the FlexDMM can acquire dc-coupled waveforms in all voltage and current ranges at a maximum of 1.8 Msamples/s. The built-in isolation permits users to measure differential waveforms up to 500 V common-mode voltage. Using NI switch modules and switch-management software, engineers can measure thousands of channels with one FlexDMM. The module comes with NI-DMM driver software for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI and Microsoft Visual Sudio .NET. PXI-4071 prices start at $2495.

National Instruments; (800) 258-7022

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