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Test & Measurement: Rack-Mounted Power Supplies Pack A 1200-W Punch In 1U Modules

Four modules and two new mainframes extend the capability of the Agilent N6700 low-profile (1U) modular power system to 1200 W. The 600-W and 1200-W mainframes join the existing 400-W unit. Each can accept up to four modules. The four added basic programmable dc modules output up to 300 W each. The series already features 16 modules, starting at 50 W. The system's power-management feature lets users allocate mainframe power to the outputs where it is needed, permitting maximum flexibility. New optional polarity-reversal relays are integrated into the modules, saving rack space and simplifying system wiring. So, users can switch output polarity with one command and no wiring changes. The system offers processing speeds 10 to 50 times faster than other units. It also includes built-in digital multimeters. The 600-W N6701A mainframe costs $2500, and the N6702A 1200-W version is $3300. The 300-W modules include the 20-V, 15-A N6773A; the 35-V, 9-A N6774A; the 60-V, 5-A N6775A; and the 100-V, 3-A N6776A. Each module is priced at $1250.

Agilent Technologies Inc.

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