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Test & Measurement: SAN Tester Cuts Costs And Speeds Time-To-Market

Addressing the 4-Gbit/s Fibre Channel standard, the dual-speed (2- and 4-Gbit/s) 1733A storage-area-network (SAN) tester cuts device costs by 97% and accelerates time-to-market. It is built on the existing 1-Gbit/s 1730A and 2-Gbit/s 1730B, so it fits in the same platform as the previous models. Also, it can be used simultaneously with either unit. The 1733A offers device visualization, host-bus adapter behavior emulation, fiber-connection device initialization, and a capture buffer for failure analysis. Up to 2000 devices can be emulated in a 2U chassis, compared to fewer than 10 devices using previous models, at a fraction of the cost. The 1733A costs $40,000.

Agilent Technologies

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