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Test & Measurement: Signal-Conditioning Unit Offers 250-V Isolation On 16 Channels

The DBK48 signal-conditioning unit accepts small, low-cost 8B-size isolated signal-conditioning modules, providing up to 16 I/O channels with 250-V channel-to-channel isolation. Up to 16 DBK48 frames can be connected to any of the company's data-acquisition products through a P1 expansion port, allowing a total of 256 channels. Signal connections to the DBK48 are made through removable screw terminals on the front panel. With cold junction compensation built into the unit, any channel can be configured as a thermocouple input. When two-wire signals such as voltage, current, or thermocouples are attached, all 16 channels can be populated with 8B modules. If three- or four-wire transducers like strain gauges or RTDs are used, eight transducers can be connected, along with eight two-wire signals. Power options include the standard ac adapter, an optional DBK30A rechargeable battery/excitation module, or connection to a 10- to 30-V dc source. Numerous 8B modules are available for measuring voltage, current, and thermocouple and strain gauge outputs. More are scheduled to be introduced this year. The DBK48 is available from stock for $799. The 8B modules cost about $100.

IOtech Inc.
(440) 439-4091

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