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Test & Measurement: Socket Tester Runs Interconnect Tests On 200-Pin DIMMs

Designers encounter many obstacles when using boundary-scan techniques to test sockets. The ScanDIMM-S0200 intelligent socket tester overcomes those problems, performing advanced interconnect tests on 200-pin double-data-rate small-outline dual-inline memory modules (DDR SO DIMMs). Inserting the tester into a DIMM socket on the unit under test places a fully bidirectional boundary-scan cell behind each pin of the DIMM connector. This increases test coverage from data and address signal pins to clock, control, and all power and ground pins. The tester is fully compatible with the company's ScanPlus software, and it comes complete with all necessary cabling. Available from stock, it's priced at $895.

Corelis Inc.
(562) 926-6727

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