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Test & Measurement: Spectrum Analyzer Hits 42.98 GHz For Wireless, Comm Designs

The latest spectrum analyzer in the PSA series, the 42.98-GHz E4447A, offers resolution bandwidths up to 8 MHz. Combined with the 89601A vector signal analysis software, the E4447A is well suited for evaluating and troubleshooting wireless designs and emerging communications formats. The instrument features a ±0.62-dB (±0.17-dB typical) amplitude accuracy at 1 GHz and the fastest adjacent-channel power (less than 30 ms) and low-level spur search to 42.98 GHz. It also performs conducted and radiated CISPR and MIL-STD electromagnetic-interference measurements. Users can make 10 one-button RF and microwave power measurements, and 12 format-based setups are available to automatically set up the parameters for general-purpose wireless standards. Fifteen optional measurement personalities provide advanced one-button measurements. The E4447A spectrum analyzer is priced at $73,941.

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Agilent Technologies Inc.

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