Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: Switching Supply Outputs 1.2 kW From 1U High Chassis

Packing a 1.2-kW output in a 1U-high, 19-in. rack-mounted chassis, the Model VSP2050 low-noise switching dc power supply is ideal for applications from automatic test equipment to R&D labs to telecommunications. Designers can manually control the supply's 0- to 20-V dc, 0- to 50-A output using front-panel mounted 10-turn potentiometers and three-digit meters or remotely through an RS-232 interface. Analog remote sensing automatically maintains the desired voltage and the load level of the power cable. Up to nine supplies can be cascaded, for a total of more than 10 kW. The unit employs front-to-back airflow, so supplies can be stacked without space between them. The Model VSP2050 costs $1725 and is available for immediate delivery.

B&K Precision Corp.
(714) 921-9095

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