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Test & Measurement: Tools Boost PXI Test Systems' RF Capabilities

Two new modules and a software tool suite enhance the RF capabilities of the company's PXI-based test systems. The 3020A digital RF signal generator features improved range, speed, accuracy, and flexibility. The range, extended to 2.7 GHz, covers the entire Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service spectrum. Modulation modules now include internal AM/FM and IQ vector modulation. The 3030A RF digitizer's bandwidth has been extended to 33 MHz to cover emerging communication standards. Other enhancements were made to speed, accuracy, and flexibility including more comprehensive triggering functions and a wider selection of sampling rates. The third product is the cdma2000 Measurement Suite software. This Active X control software measurement library is used in conjunction with the 3030 RF digitizer for power, spectrum, and modulation analysis of cdmaOne and CDMA2000 reverse link transmissions. The 3020A signal generator costs $8596. The 3030A digitizer costs $12,940. The cdma2000 Measurement Suite is priced at $3893.

Aeroflex Inc.

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