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Test & Measurement: Upgraded Test Development Tool Boasts Enhanced Interface

Version 6 of the TestPoint test and measurement development software brings a new look and feel to the tool. User-definable menu bars on panels, which often are requested, are now part of the user interface. So is a new window structure with separate top-level windows for menu, object list, stock, object detail, and panels. Other new interface features include modern tab controls in the object window, a bookmark capability for navigating, and a "Data" tab to view complex or large data values. Also, basic TestPoint objects now include font and background color. Objects and functions added for Version 6 include an instrument interface for the Keithley 2700 series digital multimeters and data-acquisition systems and math functions for waveforms (finding edges, measuring frequency, finding matching values, etc.). The new package features timing and profiling tools for optimizing applications. TestPoint is available from stock for $1295. Upgrades for current users cost $395.

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