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Test & Measurement: USB Devices Create Portable And Affordable DAQ

Five novel data-acquisition (DAQ) products can add high-quality measurement capabilities simply by plugging a USB cable into a PC. They include the DAQPad-6016/6015 16-channel, 16-bit analog input modules featuring a 200-ksample/s rate, two analog outputs, 32/8 digital I/Os, and two counter-timers. The USB-9215 analog-input module is a four-channel, 16-bit simultaneous sampling (20 ksamples/s) unit with a ±10-V rating. The USB-9211 is a four-channel module with a 24-bit thermocouple input, a ±80-mV rating, and a 14-sample/s sampling rate. And, the SCXI-1600 16-bit analog-input module offers up to 352 channels and samples at 200 ksamples/s. Prices start at $395.

National Instruments Inc.
(800) 280-7645

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