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Test Scripts Automate Evaluation Of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh networks are growing in popularity as municipalities use them in Wi-Fi Access Point systems for high-speed broadband capability for first responders, residents, and businesses. But wireless mesh networks use a series of nodes to pass data and share bandwidth, rather than send and receive data from a single point.

So testing has been very difficult, requiring an entire matrix of nodes that made setup difficult and results iffy. To simplify the process, Azimuth Systems has introduced the Wi-Fi Mesh Test Suite, a set of scripts that automates the configuration of the network to allow testing to multiple scenarios. Consequently, testing no longer has to be done on live sites.

The test scripts measure six key functions: node-client capacity, multihop throughput performance, fail-over and smooth roaming performance, call capacity and voice transmission quality, security performance, and multi-BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) isolation and security.

The software runs on the Azimuth WSeries platform and leverages several aspects of its testing architecture. That includes the patented SmartMotion technology, which simulates motion in a controlled environment. Operators can introduce hostile conditions like traffic, interference, and multipath as desired.

An annual software license for the Azimuth Mesh Testing Software Suite costs $11,000. It's available immediately to early access customers. Azimuth Systems Inc. www.azimuthsystems.com

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